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Uses Of Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinets

Posted by Admin on September, 29, 2014

Science is another word for regular advancement. The basic aim lies in the improvement of the existing ways of study and analysis. Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet is one such equipment which maintains an area clean devoid of all sort of air contamination. Many medical and research laboratories require a clean and sterile environment to achieve the best possible results and Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet ensures it.

Key Features
  • Fluorescent Light
  • UV Sterilization Bulbs
  • High Efficiency Particular Air (HEPA) filter modules providing a laminar flow of clean air
  • Minihelic Gauge to measure filter backpressure
  • Work surface made of Stainless Steel available with electro-polishing
  • Adjustment of air speed for containment requirements using Variable-Speed Blower
  • Vacuum, DI Water and Gas Utilities
  • Most chemical resistant Steel-Reinforced Nylon Levelers
  • Status Indicator

Why use a Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet?
The Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet create clean working environment through filtration method and distributes the air in the laminar air stream. It is capable of retaining all airborne particles from size 0.3 micron and above. With range of application in different industries it solves many critical applications in the fields of media preparation, tissue culture, PCR sample preparation, sterile handling etc.

Working of Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
  • The working of Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet is possible in room with laminar flowing in a uniform speed.
  • The laminar air passes through one or more HEPA filters of the cabinet and gives out a particle-free and clear air.
  • The in-flowing air passing through the filters is released on the entire work surface and also in the room through laminar air process.
  • The powerful filter modules provide a back-to-front laminar filtered air flow whose speed can be adjusted to meet the requirements.
  • Being enclosed from the sides the Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet maintains continuous pressure preventing any intrusion of contaminated air in the working area.

The efficient working of Vertical Laminar Air Flow method makes it reasonable technological innovation for various laboratory purposes. The UV-C germicidal lamp proves to be of great use to sterilize the cabinet and the contents even when the equipment is not in use.

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