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Uses Of Spectrophotometers

Posted by Admin on July, 22, 2014

Spectrophotometer is laboratory equipment which is used to measure the amount of light which is absorbed by a solution. It acts as an important tool for biologists as it helps in determining the molecule’s absorption spectrum which is the wavelength of light, a particular molecule absorbs. A spectrophotometer works by passing light from a lamp of a monochromator which breaks the light into different wavelengths. It not only measures the light which is absorbed but also the amount of light which is transmitted.

It is a device which measures the light at a specific wavelength. It is made of two parts: a spectrometer and a photometer. It is the spectrometer which provides light at a particular wavelength and the photometer that measures the intensity of the light. With the calculation of the amount of light that the solution is able to absorb, the spectrophotometer determines the concentration of a colored solution.

Uses of a Spectrophotometer


It is a field of science which deals with the absorption of light which takes place in particular substances. These substances are tested in small containers which are called cuvettes. Their material varies depending upon their purpose, for example they are available in plastic, quartz, glass and many other materials.


Spectrophotometer is of great importance in the medical field. It is used to measure minute changes in chemicals and enzymes as it is difficult to monitor these in a human body. In molecular biology, this device is used to measure the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria.


Spectrophotometer is also used in forensic sciences where it is used for determining facts and evidences. It is also used to calculate the concentration of particular substances.

Spectrophotometer is a device which is used to measure the intensity of electromagnetic radiation at different wavelengths. It measures the absorbency of the wavelength of a solution. Superior quality Digital Spectrophotometer can be sourced from reliable Spectrophotometer Manufacturers and Suppliers.

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