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Significance Of Incubator Shakers

Posted by Admin on August, 28, 2014

Incubator shakers incubate cell cultures by providing steady temperature conditions in which the cells can grow. Inside the incubator shaker is a tray that moves in a circular motion, onto which the cell cultures are placed. This orbital agitation is used to affect the growth of the cell cultures. Incubator shakers are used for cell aeration, culturing, and solubility studies. They provide unvarying controlled conditions so that the cells can grow easily.

  • Areas of application: cultivation of cell & tissue cultures or microorganisms. Molecular biology, entomology studies, cell and insect culture.
  • Production of natural substances.

  • Shakers feature a triple eccentric drive that provides uniform agitation, handles heavy workloads, & enables continuous 24x7 operations even at high speeds.
  • Space saving with transparent window in the front which provides good visibility that minimizes the need to open the chamber
  • Easy-to-read digital display shows temperature
  • Accurately control and monitor chamber temperature
  • DC motor & variable speed control from 40 to 400rpm, controlled by a rotary dial
  • Integrated tachometer monitors & displays speed in rpm to guarantee an accurate setting
  • Advanced shaking mechanism provides precise speed control
  • Minimum noise & no vibration at all
  • Accommodate flasks up to 2000ml

The tension provided by the incubator shaker affects the airing and the mixing of the cell culture. By moving the cell culture, mixing is increased and oxygen molecules are brought into contact with the cells over and over again. This increased aeration surges the rate of cell growth.

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