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All About Muffle Furnaces

Posted by Admin on October, 21, 2014

Laboratories across the world use furnaces for range of product applications and at different operating temperature levels according to their requirements. Muffle Furnace is one such type of furnace, important in applications like creating enamel coatings, fusing glass, brazing articles and ceramics and soldering. The specification of Muffle Furnaces depends upon the quality of insulation and melting point of various heating elements. Heating is generally done through the process of conduction, convention and blackbody radiation from electrically resistance heating elements.

What are Muffle Furnaces?
Muffle Furnaces are small furnaces shaped like oven or kilns and used in various high temperature applications. They are used in many laboratories such as in pharmacy to determine the proportion of non-combustible as well as non-volatile elements in the samples. The extensive use of Muffle Furnaces is used in processes like soaking, sintering, ramping etc.

Construction & Features
  • Outer and intermittent walls made of thick P.C.R.C. sheet and duly powder coated giving it toughness
  • KANTHAL “A-1” grade wire used for making heating elements
  • Suitable for various purposes like gravimetric analysis for organic substance and measurement of quantity for coal and lime
  • Precise control of temperature using the distinguished Auto tune Digital P.I.D. controller
  • Uniform heating of materials due to the highly efficient heater installed in the chamber
  • Reduction in the time of temperature climb
  • Uses high density ceramic wool as an insulator to maintain consistent temperature and minimal heat or dissipation

Range of Temperature Levels
Muffle Furnaces are used in laboratories under fixed temperature levels according to the industrial requirements. However the standard Muffle Furnaces come in three temperature levels:

  • Temperature range up to 900oC. (Maximum 1000°C)
  • Temperature range up to 1000oC. (Maximum 1050°C)
  • Temperature range up to 1150oC. (Maximum 1200°C

Muffle Furnace is one of the furnaces mostly used in laboratories all over the world. It is known for its high precision and accuracy that are prime requirements for lab furnaces.

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