Principles of Digital Ph Meter

October, 21, 2014

The year was 1909 when Danish biochemist Soren Sorensen invented the Ph scale! Since then, through technological progression, scientists have come up with various improvements in the models of Ph scales and meters and today we have Digital Ph Meters to gives us the near-perfect analysis of the alkalinity in different materials.

What is a Digital Ph Meter?
Digital Ph Meter is an electronic device used for measuring the Ph content, that is, the acidity or alkalinity of different materials. A rod, usually made of glass, is connected to a digital meter which records the Ph level of the understudied matter. Mostly used to study the material content of fluids, a Digital Ph Meter is extensively used in laboratories of various industrial requirements.

Principles of Digital Ph Meter

Digital Ph Meter Operation

Digital Ph Meter are nowadays being used not only for fluid solutions but also highly useful for agricultural and soil analysis laboratories, fertilizer plants, petroleum refineries, breweries etc. Digital Ph Meter can be sourced from reliable Digital Ph Meter Manufacturers Suppliers in India.

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